What’s the story about “The Story”?

What is “The Story”?

You’ve heard me talk about “The Story” for a few Sundays, and maybe you are wondering, “What’s this all about? Is this a new translation? Are we changing the Bible? Who wrote “The Story”?”

“The Story” is not a new translation or a new book written by a contemporary author.

“The Story” is an abridged Bible (NIV) organized chronologically.

“The Story” is the same NIV Bible that you have at home. It is just organized differently. That means that as you read through “The Story” it will feel like you are reading a seamless novel. In fact, the editors have removed the chapter and verse numbers so that it reads like any other book on your shelf at home. (If you want to know the chapter and verse numbers, not to worry, there is an index in the back of the book.)

It is abridged, which means that some parts of the Bible are summarized in a condensed paragraph. With “The Story” you won’t get bogged down by the genealogies and rules of Old Testament sacrifices. Those kinds of details are summarized in a short paragraph.

Most importantly, “The Story” will allow you to see how the whole Bible fits together as the Bible follows God’s great rescue plan in Jesus.

How is our church going to use “The Story”?

The Worship services will be designed around the chapters in “The Story”. In addition, Sunday morning Bible studies and children’s Sunday School will dig deeper into the chapter of the week. On August 31 we will have a service dedicated to previewing and explaining “The Story”. Then on September 7 we will have a big kick off service.